Public Corporation - The Hyogo Prefectural Center for the Elimination of Boryokudan

 TOP Let's eliminate Boryokudan! Consultation regarding Boryokudan
Expert consultants provide free support for Boryokudan related troubles

About the Consultation Room

 The Center has established Consultation Rooms in 4 areas around the
 Prefecture where former police officers and other experts provide free
 consultation for troubles related to Boryokudan.
 Consultation is available weekdays 10AM to 4PM.
 We are closed weekends and holidays, plus the end and beginning of the year
 (December 29th to January 3rd)

Don’t worry alone, seek advice freely!

 We are open to consultation over the phone.
 Please do not worry as the content of the consultation will be kept secret.
 Also, depending on the content of the consultation, the case will be referred to
 police and lawyers towards mediation and protection of those involved.
 First seek consultation if you are experiencing trouble with Boryokudan.

Location of Consultation Rooms and Phone Numbers

 For Consultation Regarding Boryokudan Trouble, Contact the Consultation Room

Office and Kobe Consultation Room

1F Prefectural Police Headquarters, 5-4-1 Simoyamate-dori, Chuo-ku, Kobe

Amagasaki Consultation Room

1F Annex to Hyogo pref. Amagasaki office, 5-21-8 Higashinaniwa-cho, Amagasaki

Himeji Consultation Room

2F Annex to Hyogo pref. Himeji office, 1-98, Hojo, Himeji

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